Billy Currington's misfortune is benefiting Josh Turner, a situation I'm sure is uncomfortable for both of them.

Solely because of Billy's indictment last week on making threats and abuse of an elderly person, the Charlotte Motor Speedway has dropped him as their pre-race performer for the May 18th NASCAR race and has replaced him with Josh Turner.

The president of Charlotte Motor Speedway released a statement that simply said:

Due to Currington's recent indictment, we elected to change our act for the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race.


It looks like it might take a while to sort out the mess that Billy is in.  A few more bizarre details have come out about Billy's meltdown that landed him in hot water.  According to a police affidavit, there's a chance Billy might have videotaped himself chasing the 70 year old tour boat captain while threatening to "finish him off."