If you follow my blogs you probably remember me being allowed access to Johnson Space Center at the NASA facility in Houston Texas. I took this picture to share with you while inside:

Photo by: Rich Birdsall

If you can see the space suit that is attached to the rover you've successfully laid your eyes on the 1st prototype of Space Suit Z with P.L.S.S. The latest prototype that NASA just released to the public a couple of days ago shows the redesigned suit with a cool color design(Buzz Lightyear), larger viewing globe and includes P.L.S.S. 2.0 (Personal Life Support System).  The suit is designed to allow an   astronaut to step into the suit and disconnect from the rover with minimal oxygen loss into space The suit can be tethered to the rover for an extended space walk or can sustain itself for a short period of time. Pretty cool innovation, glad I had the chance to see it live.

Photo By: NASA