The Naked and Scared Challenge at Shocktober Fest in Sinking Spring Pennsylvania HAS BEEN CENSORED! The totally nude run through the spook house was made to be amended after Spring Township officials wouldn't allow the proposal for nude entertainment on the haunted attraction side event grounds. Officials in Sinking Spring, who reside on the other side of the property, raised objections. They threatened to SHUT DOWN THE ENTIRE EVENT!

So guests are now required to only choose the "PRUDE" option and keep their underwear on. Owner Patrick Konopelski expressed his disappointment about the challenge change, but he plans on getting the decision turned around for next year.

A couple traveling from Clearfield P.A. came for the sole reason of wanting to get "naked and scared" and were regretfully turned away. Even still, about 15 people ran through the house in nothing but their skivies opening night after all the other guests had left.

Here's the video:

For a run down on the owners point of view --> Click This