So I got up, went to work and did some stuff and planned on helping my buddy Doug tow his Land Rover to a specialized Rover mechanic in Windsor. So I drove to Doug's house in Whitney Point, hooked up to the flat bed and hossed the Rover up on it.

Credit: Rich Birdsall

At this point clear roadways and some cold wind to deal with. No troubles right? WRONG! We got down the back roads til we get to the highway. OH MY GOSH! Snow flakes the size of golf balls and ice everywhere! We rolled up on an accident, stopped in traffic on 17 in the middle of four tractor trailers!

After getting away from the wreck we started moving about 30mph and the ice was so thick and bumpy you'd have thought I had four flat tires. The Tahoe was in 4X4 and we were sliding side to side with the trailer periodically fishtailing. Scary stuff!

Credit: Doug McMullen

We finally get to the mechanic and rolled the Rover off the trailer. Kicked the sheets of ice off the front of the truck so the headlights were operable and hopped back in. With the trailer empty it was a smoother ride as the truck didn't skate side to side any more... that was awesome... but then we had a new problem, empty trailer and we were hungry. Off to Chinese Buffet!! YES! with the trailer, Cause I'm Redneck like that.

We arrived at the buffet in Vestal and guess what!! Minimal snow! Perfect. Well... by the time we had eaten the storm had reached the parkway in full force. So here we go again! Drove through it to take Dougs trailer back to his house in Whitney Point. We get there, and guess what. NO SNOW! Clear as a ringing bell. So weird. Dropped the trailer and visited with Doug's family for a few and took off. Still no snow. I mean, snow free the whole back road way home! You could see it on the horizon pulverizing the Binghamton area really well tho:

Credit: Rich Birdsall

The sight of it just left me in awe of Mother Nature.