Today is Good News Monday.  My Good News is the awesome gifts my kids gave me yesterday. They say the best gifts that you get are homemade. I would certainly agree. Yesterday was a great example of that from my kids.

My son Devon gave me a stand with the NY Yankee logo on top of it.  I'm putting it on my porch, where I watch all the Yankee games (when it's not too cold out, yes I'm a fair weather fan). He made it in school and is very impressive.  It looks like it took a lot of time and he did a great job.

My daughter Riley gave me a golf certificate to go Simulator golfing with my Dad and Devon.  The nice thing about simulated golf is that I don't have to go into the woods to find my ball.

My daughter Tara gave me a homemade card in the form of a shirt with a Redskin tie.  She told me she had to use blue instead of red because there wasn't any red left. If you look in the corner you can see 98.1 The Hawk.

She asked me if I knew what that black thing above it was.  I said It's a picture of the Hawk.  She said "NO, it's a stain that you always get on your shirt when you eat."  Then she showed me what I do when I get a stain on my shirt.  Apparently I say "Ahhhhh" and then I try to brush it off with no luck.

The rock I'm holding was also a gift from her.  On the inside of the card she wrote "Happy Father's Day, You Rock."  She also told me "Daddy, You're my Rock."  WOW! So that's my Good News, wait make that my GREAT News.  What's yours?  Leave your comment below