Mothers Day is on the way and unfortunately my Mother is no longer with us to celebrate it. So I figure I'll share some of my favorite memories of my Mom instead of posting you a buyers guide or something similar.

My mom was the most loving and forgiving woman I've ever met. Even through tough family times she'd have cried, felt depressed and then found a way to push all that was bad aside and let love carry though predominantly. She valued family and friends and would do without to give to them. She would make every holiday as best as she could and give to everyone.  She worked as school lunch staff at my high school and loved each and every one of those kids that came through her line. They loved Mrs. B. back as well. She would always come home with cards and little gifts at Christmas, carnations on Valentines Day, all from the students that she fed everyday. She'd read the cards and show off her flowers and her eyes would light up. A queen sized smile would brighten her face.

When my Father passed she was heart broken but still provided that cheeriness and love to all those people everyday. Times got even harder, I helped, and she always had a light at the end of each and every tunnel. she had a knack for finding the brightest light in the darkest of places and and optimism that was unwavering. She was someone to look up to, to follow and admire.

It sounds familiar right? Sounds like your Mom? There's a reason. That's what mom's do! She's always there for you and always has been. My mom is still here with me, helping me to make the right choices and stay optimistic on everything. I have wonderful memories of her. When she taught me how to drive, when she made my birthday cakes, when she bought Maggie and brought that little pup home for the first time. I remember her at my graduation and all my school concerts and saving me from certain choking death with that swift slap on the back(It was a doughnut, I was running and eating like an idiot).

About a year before she passed I took a trip to the Carolina's and drove a few hours out of the way to take her to her one of her brothers she hadn't seen since she was 14 years old. She was delighted, just gleaming! It meant so much to her. Family... meant so much to her. Even being reunited with her sister in the Binghamton dollar store was an epic moment not only for her, but for me as well! I couldn't imagine what it must've been like to know your siblings are out there but you don't know where. We were basically wasting time in the Dollar Store. it was near Christmas, and she looks at me and says "Oh my gosh... I think that's my sister! We were separated years ago... What do I do?" I promptly responded with: Well go talk to her! What can a simple hello hurt? What happened after that made the best Christmas ever.

I know I rambled, but do me a favor. Buy the flowers, buy the candies, but for get the text messages and emails. Call your mother, or if your close go see her and spend some time with her. She deserves it!