I was going to go visit my parents this weekend, but instead they came to visit me.  This was a huge surprise because my Dad isn't supposed to leave the house except to go to the doctor because it appears his bone marrow transplant is failing and his health is much worse than we believed.

What I learned this weekend is that it doesn't matter how old a girl is, her Dad is still her Dad and worries about her.  My Dad wanted to come see me so that he could check out my house and make sure it was a good place for me to live and that my neighborhood was safe.  Both passed the test.

While they were here, I invited my parents to visit the radio station and asked them and the little kids to record some audio.  I wasn't prepared for what my Dad came up with.  His words were so sweet and completely unexpected:

In addition to my Dad, I recorded the little kids (a lot of people don't realize this, but I have little siblings who are young enough to be my children) and this is what they had to say: