There was a time when you wanted to hear great live music you had to seek it in traditional venues like the Broome County Arena, the Forum, Binghamton University, a tavern, or a high school gym.  This holiday season, live music is popping up everywhere it seems.

Last night I was shopping to the Southerntiersmen in the middle of the Oakdale Mall.  Last week, I was grocery shopping in Chenango Bridge and the Salvation Army Red Kettle bell ringer would reward donors with a quick tune on his trumpet.  And hats off to the Walton Central Middle School for entertaining employees and customers in the lobby of the National Bank of Delaware County.  Very cool!

And of course there are many wonderful sit down musical traditions you can still catch, including a wonderfully locally produced version of 'A Christmas Carol' at the Cider Mill Playhouse through December 22nd and even more local musicians showcasing their talents daily throughout the Oakdale Mall in Johnson City.

How about you?  Where have you seen pop up music this holiday season?