The Hawk Morning Show had a special guest visit us this week....and that guest was none other than Jared Campbell!

Jared stopped by to chat with us about his upcoming performance at Music for the Mission on April 26th.

Music for the Mission is all about showcasing local, regional and national musicians to raise money to help feed and sheltering our neighbors with the help of the Rescue Mission.

Watch Jared explain his upcoming appearance at Music for the Mission as well as perform his new song that'll be on his record which comes out out this fall. The song is called "The Fight."

Wanna see Jared perform and help out a good cause? Music for the Mission happens on Friday April 26th at New Life Ministries in Endicott. Admission is $5 at the door and doors open at 6pm. You can learn more here.

Music for the Mission is sponsored by Stanley Law Office in partnership with Townsquare Media and News Channel 34.