She's given up sleep, warm meals, and daily showers. She can't remember the last time she had a day to herself or went out with friends and she doesn't mind because taking care of her family is the only thing that really matters to her these days. The sound of her little ones calling out, "mommy!" is the sweetest sound she's ever heard and she melts as they snuggle themselves into her body. She's their protector, their hero, their nurturer.

Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 14th and if you haven't decided what yo give your mom, or the woman you love as a mom, how about giving her something homemade?

I can't speak for all moms, but this mom melts over thoughtful homemade gifts- they're by far my favorite gifts of all. Our friends at She Knows have offered some simple to make Mother’s Day gifts that you can make on your own or have your kids help you make for mom.

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    Breakfast in Bed

    I think most of can think back to a time in our childhood when we climbed the stairs with a tray in hand, shakily balancing juice and eggs for mom on Mother's Day. Why not keep that tradition alive either by surprising your mom with breakfast in bed or asking your own kids to serve you breakfast in bed? I'll never forget my first Mother's Day because my husband made me pancakes that spelled out " I <3 mom: and it was so special.

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    Homemade Trail Mix

    My husband and son did this for me last year and I've loved being able to keep a bag in my car on days when I haven't had a chance to eat because I'm running all over the place, but really need to refuel.  All you need to do to make this is to mix granola and dried fruit and maybe some nuts and even chocolate chips.

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    Embellished Sleep Mask

    Mamas don't get much sleep, but for the short time that she does, why not give her something fancy to wear? You can take a plan sleep mask and jazz it up by using glue and glitter paint to attached little jewels. Oh, and you can find a sleep mask at most dollar stores.

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    Drawer Sachets

    Does mom have a favorite scent like lavender, lilac, or roses? Find some fabric and cut out small squares. Sew around the edges, leaving just enough of an opening to slip things inside. You can fill up the pouch with whatever scent you'd like and then after it's filled, sew up the hole.

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    Sewing Kit

    I think this is my favorite idea because it feels like whenever I need my needle and thread, I can't find them. But this- this could act as both a decoration and something useful. Put sewing needles in a pin cushion and then fill up a mason jar with spools of thread, thimbles and even safety pins. Put the pin cushion on top and close the lid.