Mother in Law Day is Sunday. It's celebrated(?) on the 4th Sunday of Hawktober. We all should show our appreciation (?, again) for her. Here's my thoughts (?, yet again) on this "special" day.

5) Here's one for the ladies: I don't need you to tell me how to handle my kids. I'm living with one of yours and he needs some improvement.

4) One for the guys: Behind every successful man is a surprised Mother in Law.

3) If your Mother in Law thinks that you're such a bum, why does she ask you for money? I'm just saying.

2) If your Mother in Law is yelling at you on the front porch and the dog is barking on the back porch, who do you let in first??? The dog....because the dog will stop barking when you let it in.

1) My Mother in Law and I were happy for 35 years.....then we met.

Is it me or are you surprised that Mother in Law day and Halloween are so close together? All kidding aside, Love ya Lynn and happy Mother in Law Day to you...Do I still have to get you a present?