I had to double check the numbers, but an amazing 45% of Americans will be hitting the road between now and New Year's Day.  These findings are according to the travel web site, Trip Advisor.

Some of the interesting findings include:

>>  Of those taking trips, 63% will travel for Christmas, 31% will do so for New Year's and 4% for Hanukkah

>>  61% will visit family and 23% will plan to be with friends.

>>  48% will travel by car and 46% will fly

>>  49% will spend $1000.00 or more on their holiday travel and 31% will spend at least $2000.00

>>  49% plan to stay with family and friends, 42% plan to go to a hotel, and 9% will visit a vacation rental

>>  The favorite holiday song to listen to while traveling is 'White Christmas,' and the most annoying song is 'Santa Baby'

>>  And 73% say they have already begun travel planning for 2013.

If you are traveling, keep your patience, as 27% rate delays and cancellations as the most frustrating part of traveling, followed closely by bad weather.  Safe travels to everyone.