You’ve heard of berries and avocados and chia seeds, but have you ever heard of moringa?

The name kind of sounds like a disease, but it’s anything but.  Experts are now saying the moringa is the next big superfood.

I don’t know about you, but it’s been beaten into my head by doctors, the news and even magazines that superfoods like blueberries, salmon and kale will help us live a long life.

Add to that list moringa tree leaves. Some experts are saying that moringa tree leaves are the most nutritious green we can get our hands on.

One expert claims, "Moringa has incredibly nutritious qualities – it has 3.5 times the calcium of milk and 4 times the vitamin C of oranges.”

You might not be able to find moringa in grocery stores yet, but I’m guessing if they don’t have it soon, heath food stores will start stalking their shelves with it.

So what does moringa taste like? In the raw form, moringa tastes a little bitter- almost like a radish, but cooked it tastes a little bit like a “pecany” spinach taste.

The downside to moringa? The root can’t be eaten because it contains a whole bunch of toxins and if too much is ingested, you could die. And that would be bad.