If you were a fan of the late great B.B. King, who appeared here in Binghamton at the Arena, there's a special tribute concert happening up 81 North in Montreal that you might find worth crossing the border for.

The 36th edition of the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal features over 600 concerts in 10 days.  Yeah, you read that right, over 600 concerts, with almost two thirds of its concerts completely FREE!  Is that crazy or what?

The Grand Blues Evening in memory of B.B. King is one of those free concerts.  This takes place July 5th at 9pm and 11pm and pays tribute to his legacy, the crème de la crème of the Québécois blues scene gathers onstage in a grand evening anchored by incomparable harmonica wizard Guy Bélanger and his band, with an army of high-profile guests—Bob Walsh, Jordan Officer, Kim Richardson, Brian Tyler, Angel Forrest, Mike Goudreau, Jimmy James, Conor Gains, Jean Fernand Girard, Mathieu Holubowski and others.

Here's a little sample of last year's festival in Canada.