The Food and Drug Administration is looking in to the popular Monster Energy Drinks as it has been linked to five deaths and one non-fatal heart attack.

According to CBS News, "the reports claim that people had adverse reactions after they consumed Monster Energy Drink, which comes in 24-ounce cans and contains 240 milligrams of caffeine, or seven times the amount of the caffeine in a 12-ounce cola."

Interestingly, the Monster web site advertises its' product as "a killer energy brew," and "the meanest energy supplement on the planet."

At one time, I used to buy Monster and Red Bull once in a while to give myself an energy boost at the gym, but I stopped a few years back after reading about the dangers of the energy drinks.  I know people that pop 2-3 of these drinks a day and are addicted to this stuff.

How about you?  Should these drinks be taken off the shelves?