I told you last month that Hasbro was going to replace one of it's classic pieces with a new one. THE RESULTS ARE IN!!

Hasbro asked you to go it's Facebook page and app to vote.  If you went to the app, your vote counted double.  It was a close battle but congratulations go to.....THE CAT.  The cat won out over the robot, guitar, helicopter and diamond ring.  I voted for the diamond ring because as most know, one year for Christmas I gave a dime on ring (diamond ring) to Dawn around Christmas.  She thought it was funny until she didn't get a diamond ring later. It may have been wrong but it's certainly memorable.

So who will the Cat replace?  Well that was also voted on as well.  How that worked was, you were encouraged to go and vote for one classic piece that you wanted to keep.  Whichever one got the fewest amount of votes lost.  It was a virtual tie for last between the boot, iron and wheelbarrow.  The winner is (which really is the loser) the iron.  The iron got the boot.

So now your encouraged to go out and buy the classic Monopoly before the cat is out of the bag, I mean game.  I understand that they'll also have for a limited time, a Monopoly game with all the pieces (old and new) in gold.