It's no secret that country music's favorite couple Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are two very busy people.  With Mother's Day this weekend and their second wedding anniversary next Tuesday, Miranda and Blake tell OK! Magazine that they will be planning on having a baby "when their schedule frees up."

When that will be, will be anyone's guess.  Miranda has a heavy tour schedule and as soon as Blake's duties on NBC's 'The Voice' comes to a close, he will start rehearsing for a long Summer tour that kicks off in July.

A recent US Magazine article states that Miranda monitors Blake's Twitter account and cell phones but admits that she completely trusts her husband, although according to insiders:

“His flirting did come close to totally destroying Miranda’s trust in him. More than a few times, she was convinced they weren’t going to make it, let alone be parents,” the insider reveals. “But she’s proud that they fought for their marriage. Miranda feel like they’re stronger than ever; they’re in a great place, and ready to start their family!”

Insider or no insider, it's clear that HAWK listeners love both Miranda and Blake and we wish them all the luck in the world as they begin to think of starting a family together.