You may or may not remember Madi.

Credit: Rochelle Frost

If you don't, here's the discussion from my past post:

A little angelic girl has a conversation with her mom. Read the Facebook post below:

“Madi came into my room tonight with her box that she stashes all her money in. I asked what she was doing and she informed me that she is back up to $56. The only two times she has used her money in her entire life, she donated it. She looked at me with uncertainty…

Madi: Will you be really disappointed if I spend my money?

Mom: No, it’s your money. You may do what you like with it. You’re actually going to buy something?

Madi: I would like to buy a radio, please.

Mom: Did you break the CD player I gave you?

Madi: No, I like that, but I want one that plays radio stations.

Mom: Why?

Madi: I just want to listen to Rich, the rest of the time I want to use my CD player.

Mom: Smart girl.

Madi: Does that mean yes?

Mom: Only because you have good taste.

She then walked out of my room talking to her self in her “Rich Birdsall voice”

Guess what Madi… You can still donate that money of yours to your favorite charity… I’M BUYING YOU THAT RADIO!

I delivered that radio to Madi last weekend! I think... She likes it!


Credit: Rochelle Frost