This is just such a sad thing to think, but the father of Mindy McCready's son Zander says he thinks Mindy might have killed her two kids if they'd been home and not in foster care at the time of her suicide. 

Billy McKnight told the National Enquirer:

“She killed the dog before she killed herself, and I fear she would have taken those kids with her too, if they’d been there.”

Mindy's former personal assistant Steve Darling has his own theory about her death:

“Mindy was afraid that the cops were going to determine that she had something to do with David’s death. I believe that’s the reason she killed herself.”

So sad considering the police chief in Mindy's town said that he knew that Mindy had nothing to do with her boyfriend's death and that she was consistently telling the truth when she said she didn't know what happened.

Mindy shot herself on the porch of her Arkansas home where, just weeks before, her boyfriend David Wilson had been found shot. Police are investigating whether Wilson's death was murder or suicide.