Mindy McCready had such a promising beginning as a country superstar in 1996 when she had a couple of number 1 songs and was an opening act from Tim McGraw.  It's been all downhill from there.

She had to leave Tim's tour early.  Rumors at the time were that Tim was interested romantically in Mindy.  She left the tour, Faith Hill took Mindy's place and the rest as they say is history.  In more recent times, Mindy has had to deal with drug problems, jail time and custody issues.  Earlier this month, her boyfriend David Wilson died of a gunshot wound. It was orginally thought to be suicide but some believe that Mindy was behind it.

He was taken to the hospital for what was thought to be a self-inflicted gun wound.  He died shortly thereafter. The cause of death remains open at this time. Apparently there are some questions lingering.  Mindy said that the reason the bullet wasn't found until the next day was because "it was in the dog's mouth."  Rumors that David was having an affair was also denied by McCready. 

The investigation remains open and there are no suspects yet.  Tests are being run to find out if it's suicide or murder and the results should be known soon.  The troubles for Mindy continue but she is adamant that David was her soulmate and that they were each other's life.