We have another millionaire in the Southern Tier. Is it you?

On February 14th (Valentine's Day no less) someone went to Weis Market at West Corners. He (or she) bought a million dollar mega millions ticket and ended up walking out a winner.

The New York Lottery website shows that the ticket was a quick pick mega millions. There was no first prize winner but the 2nd prize ticket was from Weis.

If your saying to yourself, "I better check my ticket and see if I'm the winner." You needn't bother. Someone has come forward to collect their prize but Weis doesn't know who that person is.

A New York Lottery rep says that an official check presentation will be scheduled in a few weeks.

Here's my guess: It was a man who forgot to get his wife flowers for Valentine's Day. He thinks to himself that he better stop and get her some. While he's there, he thinks that while I'm here, I might as well get something for me.

So if you know someone that stopped at Weis on Valentine's Day and you haven't seen "your friend" for the last couple of days, you might want to give him/her a call.