Today is Little Jimmy Dicken's 92nd birthday.  He's still going strong.  He appears at the Grand Ol Opry, just about every weekend.  He also appeared on the CMA show in November.  He played a doctor trying to help Jennifer Nettles deliver her birthday.

He's also a part of the Kung Pao Buckaroo's. It's Jimmy along with George Jones and whisperin Bill Anderson.  They and Brad Paisley sing one of my favorite Christmas Carols of all time...Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday.  It talks about how Christmas songs have gotten politically correct and non-offensive.

It's a fun song but one that's important as well.  They start to sing, Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree how lovely are thy branches.  When they sing "Christmas" it gets bleeped out. Why? Because they gotta say "Holiday" so they don't offend anyone. The White House  for the first time called it a "Holiday Tree" instead of  a "Christmas Tree."  If you get a chance, read what Ben Stein had to say about that. But I digress.

Back to the Kung Pao Buckaroo's, So they start singing White Christmas. It gets bleeped out and their told they have to say "Caucasian holiday" instead. They try to sing other Christmas Carols but keep getting bleeped out.  Can't say Little Drummer Boy because you'll offend short people.  Can't sing Silent Night because you'll offend people hard of hearing and afraid of the dark. They can't even say HO-HO-HO because it might offend some........women.

Finally the Buckaroo's stop caring and just sing the Christmas songs and just keep getting bleeped out.  At the end they sing, "We wish you a merry Chri-BEEP and a Happy Ne-beep year.  They can't say new because it'll offend the old folks, which is them.  It's funny but sadly all too true.  I wear a button every Christmas that says "It's Ok To Wish Me A Merry Christmas" and I always have several people ask me where they can buy it. So Merry Christmas to you and Happy 92nd Birthday to you Little Jimmy Dickens.