Valentines Days is almost here and you're single. This year you're going to try something different....You are going to ask someone out on a 1st date. After all, why should couples have all the fun. Here's what Men's Health says guys shouldn't say or do and here's what I think.

5) Don't wear a football jersey unless it's to a game. Is a Hooter's OK? Never wear a jersey of a team that you don't like either.  You never know who has a camera.

4) Do not use the word "proactive" or "issues." Unless she tells you that she has a major attraction to motivational speakers or men that like to analyze.

3) Don't dress creatively. She needs reassurance that you're normal.  Prove what kind of "funky guy" you are on another date.

2) Do not attempt to rub knees unless you're getting serious signals.  Signals do not include, yawning, blinking or nodding off.

1) Don't talk about her "chi." New Age guys make good yoga instructors but she probably doesn't want to get romantic with one.

Good luck on your first date quest. As always, this advice is worth what you paid for it.