It would make sense if men hated Valentine's Day. It's a day where there are about eight billion ways to screw up, and you can only really nail it if you read minds or if years of disappointment have lowered your wife or girlfriend's expectations. But I read a new survey that made me laugh.  Men don't hate Valentine's Day. Oh no.  They FEAR it.

33% of single men say they intentionally avoid getting into relationships between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day because of the pressure it causes.  And another 35% say that, this time of year, they don't bother even trying to date.

41% of guys would never schedule a first date for Valentine's Day. 62% of single women say they'd be fine having a first date on February 14th.  BUT once Valentine's Day is over, men start trying to date again. 42% of single men said that finding a girlfriend was their number one priority for the year compared to 24% who said their career is the top priority.