This comes as a complete shock to me. I guess I thought guys didn't care about Valentine's Day because whenever it comes up with my single guy friends they're all like "it's such a lame holiday." Turns out they're actually big softies even if they put on a macho front.

Harris Interactive says men are more afraid of being alone on Valentine's Day than women are. Shocking!

When asked, 24% of guys admitted they hate the idea of being along on Valentine's day, versus 16% of women. I know the margin isn't that big, but again- shocking!

On the other hand, 25% of guys say they'd rather be single on Valentine's day so that they can avoid all the pressure of dates and gifts and that mushy stuff.

Make up your mind boys! You can't have your ice cream and eat it too. Oh, what am I talking about? Of course you can. Put on your sweats, turn on Lifetime and cry into your ice cream as you eat it from a big wooden spoon. What? I know I'm not the only one who does that...