I'll never forget the first time my Dad took me to Saratoga for my first horse race.  There's something special about that place, selecting a horse by the name on the monitor and having Dad open his wallet for a couple of bucks.  Who cares about winning.  It was just a great memory being at the historic race track in the middle of Summer.

Because of this experience, when I moved to Florida in my college years, I jumped at the chance to checkout the greyhounds.  Fun, but in my opinion, not as much fun as horse racing.

When I was at Tioga Downs Casino last week, I made a mental note to do the Derby Fest coming up May3rd.  Live free harness racing is on my radar.  Free is good and seeing the Jason Wicks Band again is always a good thing.  In fact, there are a number of bands playing Derby Fest 7.  Again, getting together with my Dad and some friends in the fresh air for a day at the track could be a lot of fun.

Memories in the making.