I didn't know Rex Reed still reviewed movies and after reading what he had to say about Melissa McCarthy, I wish he would go away.

Rex was talking about the new move "Identity Thief," which co-starred Melissa (along with Jason Bateman). He decided to use the words, “tractor-sized,” “obnoxious,” “humongous” and a “female hippo.” He wasn't talking about the character in the movie but about Melissa herself. Despite that or maybe because of it, the movie was the number 1 movie over the weekend. It made over 36 and half million over the weekend. 

 It would probably have made over 40 million, if it wasn't for the big storm in the Northeast. The movie not only opened at the top spot, but it also was the fifth highest grossing debut for an R-rated non-sequel comedy. The movie made more money then expected.

So I say "BOO" to you Rex Reed.  Meanwhile, Melissa gets the last laugh.....all the way to the bank.