Twelve years ago, Fauja Singh of England began running marathons as a way to cope with the grief over his wife's death.  He was 89 at the time and since then, he's run eight marathons.  Fauja holds the record for people over 90, after running a marathon in five hours and 40 minutes.  He's also a Sikh and calls himself "the turbaned tornado."

Fauja is running the Hong Kong Marathon this Sunday and the age of 101 years old, just five weeks before his 102nd birthday and he says it'll be his last race before retiring from competitive running although he still plans to run for four hours a day.

Last month, Fauja ran a mini-marathon in India to help raise awareness for women's issues, after the fatal rape of a student there.  He said it, quote, "pained" him to think that his daughters, granddaughters, and great granddaughters weren't safe.