We joke about it a lot on the Hawk Morning show, but the serious fact is, I'm a girl who loves coffee and bacon. What you might not know is that I'm a sucker for waffles too. So it's kind of no surprise that I can actually hear this product screaming to me "buy me- I'm delicious."  Yeah-you heard it too, didn't you?

A breakfast of waffles, bacon and coffee sounds like a really good way to start the day, but let's face it- if your morning is anything like mine, there's no way to prepare all of that goodness before jetting out the door for work. Thankfully for us, there's a company called Wired Waffles that's taken care of everything for us.

Wired Waffles has created what could be the single greatest breakfast invention of all time-caffeinated bacon waffles that can be eaten on the go. Just pop it in the toaster, grab it and go. What exactly is the caffinated bacon waffle? It's a maple waffle that contains bits of bacon and 200 milligrams of caffeine.

Wanna give them a try? They're only available online.