You probably remember the story of 9-year-old ArleighLynn Hurd of Owego who planned to shave her head bald to help raise money for childhood cancer research and the heat she was getting from kids and adults alike who told her she'd be ugly without hair, right?

I was so incredibly furious when ArleighLynn's God-mother told me how ArleighLynn had been ridiculed, taunted and told by adults that if she saved her head, she'd be ugly. Who says that? I wasn't the only one disgusted because the day we shared ArleighLynn's story, you blew up our phone lines with love and support for her.

This past Saturday, ArleighLynn carried through on her promise to shave her head bald through the St. Baldrick's Foundation in an effort to raise money and awareness of childhood cancer research, but she didn't do it alone.

The boys from Boy Scout Troop 90 in Marathon went to Owego to support ArleighLynn at the St. Baldricks event. Each of the boys gave her flowers and told her that she was beautiful with or without hair. And then each boy, including Hawk listener Samantha Hatfield and her daughter shaved their heads as well.

Chills. If this doesn't prove that there are still good-hearted people in the world, then I don't know what will. I tip my hat to you, ArleighLynn and to each of you who stood tall behind her whether through love, kind thoughts, prayers or head shaving. The world needs more people like you to stand up and show acts of kindness like this.