Well, this is awkward and completely creepy.

A guy arranged a hotel meet-up with a woman he’d met online, only to find out that the woman was....his daughter-in-law!

The 57-year-old man says he’d been chatting online with the woman, who went by an online alias meaning Lonely Flowers and Plants, and it turns out they’d both been lying about their identities.

The woman claimed her husband was in prison and the man claimed that his wife had passed away and that he was single. The two arranged to meet at a hotel, but were completely and totally stunned when they came face to face and recognized each other.

But wait, it gets worse. The man’s son, Da Jun, saw the conversations on his wife’s computer and followed her to the hotel and flew into a rage when he saw his father and his wife together.

Cops were called, Da Jun was detained, and everyone else was left completely humiliated.

Tell me that this wouldn’t have made an awesome Catfish episode!