A British guy has ticked off a bunch of animal lovers in New Zealand by turning a road kill cat into a rug and selling it online.

The guy’s name is Andrew Lancaster and he’s a taxidermist.  He says he found the cat dead on the side of the road last month and thought it was a pretty nice looking cat and picked it up.  Andrew told friends he thought the cat must have been "run straight over'' because his skin was pretty much undamaged.

Andrew says despite his latest creation, he usually stays away from working on pets like cats and dogs and prefers unusual stuffed animal creations.  Some of his previous work includes a possum-headed chicken with vampire teeth, and a small bird with the head of a child's doll.

Eliot Pryor of the animal advocacy organization SAFE, said the sale of the cat was in "extremely bad taste'' and "there is also something distasteful about the attitude shown to an animal once it has died, as the description is light hearted and not respectful.''