Listen to this- a guy thought it’d be completely acceptable to tell the cops who pulled him over that he’d only been drinking at red lights.  For real.


33-year-old Jose Garcia Jr. of Jersey was pulled over by cops who accused him of drinking and driving.  But Jose says he wasn’t drinking AND driving, per say.


Jose admitted to drinking from a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, but said he wasn’t swigging from it while driving. He was only doing it at red lights. Nice try, buddy.


Not only was Garcia drinking while operating his car, but the genus was doing so with his daughter, who was improperly secured, in the backseat! Cops arrested Jose on charges of neglect of a child, failure to use a child restraint, consumption of alcohol in a motor vehicle and driving while suspended.


Here’s a word of advice: stopping at a red light doesn’t give you the green light to drink.  Ever.