This is one of the most DISGUSTING things I’ve EVER heard.  And I’ve heard A LOT of nasty stuff. 

That pretty normal guy in the picture up there bit off another man’s ear and then when he realized "oh no, I just bit off some dude's ear" he tried to preserve it in some coffee creamer. Gag!

Apparently, 26-year-old Kenneth Thompson of Florida came home drunk Sunday and his female roommate called a friend to come over because she was afraid to be alone with him.

Thompson allegedly got into an altercation with the roommate’s friend, a 29-year-old guy named William Bradford, and went full Mike Tyson on him. Hit bit off a chunk of Bradford’s ear and then spit it into a coffee mug containing creamer because, as he told police, “he had heard that if you lose a tooth you should keep it in creamer.” Unfortunately, the same does not apply to ears.

Thompson was arrested on an aggravated battery charge.  Seriously- who does this sort of thing? Unbelievable. Yeah, I know alcohol was involved, but there wasn't one tiny little point in the process of clamping his teeth down and gnawing off a guy's ear that a little voice didn't speak to him and tell him maybe he should unclench is teeth?