7am Friday August 23rd: We've been getting calls from listeners reporting that police are getting barricades ready to set up along the roads president Obama is expected to travel to Binghatmon University. 


Broome County Sheriff David Harder says the president's visit will cause unavoidable traffic delays on parts of Interstate 81 and routes 17, 434 and 201.

President Obama's address is expected to start around 12:15pm Friday in the University Union at Binghamton University where he'll discuss his plans to tackle rising education costs and help improve education value for students and their families.

We don't know what roads will be closed as the president's motorcade makes its way into town because the route is not announced as a security precaution, but we do know that local police will be stationed at different parts of the route so that they can control traffic and crowds. We're told that once the president  in in the area and moving through Binghamton, the roads he's traveling on will be shut down and will stay shut down for about 20 or so minutes.

In addition to delays on the president's motorcade route and at Binghamton University, delays are expected to affect Murray Hill and Bun Hill Roads that border the university from the east and west.

Sheriff Harder has suggested that you find alternate routes if possible to help traffic flow. In addition to expected delays on I- 81 and routes 17, 434 and 201, the main entrance to Binghamton University and the road around the center of campus will be closed from 10am to 3pm Friday.

If you're hoping to put your eyeballs on the president as he arrives, you should plan to get to Binghamton University before 10am Friday. If you've got tickets to hear the president speak, the doors to University Union will be open at 10:30am Friday.

Here's what will be closed from 10am-3pm Friday at Binghamton University:

Jim works at Binghamton University and this is what he said those visiting the campus can expect: