When it left us before we all mourned the loss of our genuine music joint. It came back and now... we didn't want it? Is that really what happened?

I was proud to inform you of MCMH grand reopening September 15th, 2015. The excitement over the site of the old Grand Union Grocery Store in The Northgate Plaza off Upper Front Street being the perfect place for the once busy music venue was over the top! Lots of parking space and was this large occupancy building.  We had so much hope to breathe some life back into plaza that for years has been creeping toward disrepair and mostly unoccupied store fronts.

So... What happened? Why is Magic City Music hall Scheduled to close at the end of next month?

We awaited its return, the acts were second to none, ticket prices where great... Why didn't we, as a community take in shows at this venue? My sentiments are shared EXACTLY with my very good friend Lisa. She knowsx what she's talking about here so put you ears on and listen:

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