While at the Humane Society's fundraiser my pup Maggie had me bid on some fun toys she wanted for the house. WE WON! She's the proud owner of some new leashes, food dishes, place mats, a very cool filtered water dish and some new squeekie toys! Her squeekie pig is the new favorite so far along with a massive pillow bed!! She is on a special diet due to her pancreatitis she just got over, so she graciously gave the treats she can't eat to her canine friends! Thanks to the great silent auction Maggie is overjoyed with all of her new swag!

Photo By: Rich Birdsall

Her owners are apparently happy as well, Maggie tells 98.1 The Hawk that they will be leaving for Disney soon because they won passes to all of the main attractions from the B.C. Humane Society! This is a great event and I can't stress enough how much all the funds raised are appreciated by this non government funded, volunteer agency!