After the ACM's last night a serious country music Faux Pas was made by Luke Bryan's Merchandise Manager Hunter Jobes. He took to Twitter to express his discontent over George Strait winning the coveted Entertainer Of The Tear Award. You know that Cole Swindell got his music career started by working in the same position with Luke. Luke pushed him upward into the music business. I doubt that Hunter will have the same opportunity after these negative words about a legend in country music:

Twitter @HJobes

I'm guessing he's angry because he figured that George Strait won because he won't have a chance to win it ever again, giving the onset of his retirement this summer. I do believe however, that George Strait deserves every award the ACM's want to give him! He is a legend.

Since this post last night my prediction of this post being a BAD IDEA has proven to be true, as the tweet was first deleted... and now his whole Twitter account.