I don’t know about you, but my Facebook feed has exploded recently with videos of my friends participating in the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” So what is the challenge all about?

The concept is pretty simple: record yourself dumping a bucket of ice water on your head, then dare your friends online to do it. And if your friends don’t do the challenge, they’re supposed to donate money to fight Lou Gehrig's disease.

How big has the Ice Bucket Challenge gotten? Well, the Kennedy family went so far as to challenge President Obama to do it. Apparently someone decided it wouldn’t be a good thing for there to be footage of a president dumping ice water on his head so yesterday, the White House said the President will be writing a check.

So, what kind of money has the challenge generated for the ALS Association? Since July 29th, the ALS Association says 71,000 people have donated a total of $4 million. How does that stack up to last year? During the same time period last year, the ALS Association only received $1.1 million in donations. That means that in just two weeks, the "Ice Bucket Challenge" brought in an extra $3 million to help fight Lou Gehrig's disease.

Watch as Luke Bryan and Lee Brice take the challenge: