When my dad got sick and my mom and younger siblings took him to and from Boston a couple times a week for treatments and my siblings got a first hand look at how the medical world works. This sparked and interest and now all three think they might want to enter the medical profession when they grow up.

If you've got a child, grandchild or sibling who's interested in the medical industry, I can't think of anything more perfect for them to be part of.

Students entering 8th and 9th grade this fall will have the chance to spend two days in the world of hospital healthcare this summer through M.A.S.H. Camp July 24th and 25th at Lourdes Hospital.

M.A.S.H. stands for Medical Academy of Science and Health. This two day camp is sponsored by Lourdes and the Central New York Area Health Education Center. There's a growing problem with a lack of healthcare professionals and the goal is this program is to foster interested in young people.

Several careers will be highlighted during M.A.S.H. Camp through hands on workshops for students, including attention from dedicated health professionals. All campers will receive a set of hospital scrubs to wear each day at camp, breakfast, lunch and education materials.

The camp fee is $25 per student with scholarships to those students who need assistance with the registration fee. Space is limited to 24 students and applications will be determined by selection process. The deadline to apply is Friday May 2nd.

Interested students can access the online application here.