We are all looking for ways to lose weight.  Have you ever thought off adding lots of butter into your routine?

There is a new diet trend where people are trying to lose weight by putting BUTTER IN THEIR COFFEE.  It's a spinoff of the Paleo Diet...where you try to eat like a caveman to lose weight.

If you want to try this new diet, this is what you do.  Mix two-thirds of a stick of butter into your coffee. You can add coconut-palm oil for flavor. By drinking butter coffee, you get an extra energy boost and it curbs your appetite...and it helps you lose weight.

I've not tried it but most everyone one that has, has said it tastes HORRIBLE.  I guess the only flavor that would save it is a whole jar of French Vanilla. It not only could help you lose weight but if you wanted to drink less coffee, maybe this is the way to go. There are so many better uses for butter, like on popcorn or corn on the cob.

I don't recommend this diet by the way. If you do try it this weekend, let us know on "Good News Monday" how it was.