As many of us do this time of year, we look back at 2017 and look forward to 2018. 2017 was quite the year for politics, you either loved it or hated it.

Here's something I heard from Dr. David Jeremiah and it puts it in proper perspective for me. "Don't put your hope in the elephant or the donkey. They'll let you down all the time. Put your hope in the Lamb. He's in control and He knows what's going on."

One thing I discovered this past year is that there are many things that I can't control, no matter what I do. He's in control and that is enough for me. I've found out that faith can go a long way.

I'm also looking forward to another year watching my kids grow. My son, Devon is now in his second year at Oswego College and has a beard. He wants to go into broadcasting.

Riley is a senior in high school and will be a nanny beginning next June in Minnesota. She had visited three colleges and liked them all but nothing stuck out to her. During a conversation with relatives about Riley's college search, it was discovered that they are looking for a nanny next year. She loves kids so call it karma or a Godwink but it couldn't have worked out better for her.

Tara is the CV Middle School student council president and co-president of the Drama club. She's also a member of the Warrior club and a dancer at Dance Connection. She played her flute at the Elizabeth Church Manor again this year on Christmas Eve.

Not bad for a 13 year old.

This is what I'm looking forward too. What about you?