I’m the oldest of seven kids and can’t fathom not having contact with one of my brothers or sisters for a week much less 30 years. This is such an emotionally beautiful story of a  brother and a sister who hadn’t seen each other for 37 years and who were reunited last Friday. 


Cmdr. Cindy Murray and Chief Aviation Ordnanceman Robert Williamson were originally from Denver but lost contact in the late 1970s when their parents divorced. Robert was 6 years-old at the time and stayed with their Dad in Denver while Cindy, who was 14 years-old moved away with their Mom.


The kids lost all contact with each other and for years they tried to track each other down with no luck. About two months ago Cindy tracked down her Dad who gave her Robert’s information and discovered they’d both enlisted in the Navy and were serving in the same state.


Cindy asked her chief to help her find her brother and within 15 minutes, the two were on the phone.


Turns out the two have more in common than their military service. "We both love Goldfish crackers and we both love the same types of TV shows," Cindy said.


The siblings finally met face to face last week and as you can imagine, it was an emotional moment. They say they plan to see each other as much as possible from now on.

I teared up when I watched this video of Cindy and Robert reuniting, so if you get teary eyed at things like this, you might want to grab some tissues first: