Gearcor is one of the greatest local success stories…no wonder they’re the local expert for work footwear and safety gear!

Gearcor began the way many companies do – over the dining room table. Back in 2003 Carol and Pete Yeager started an internet company selling outdoor work and sport footwear. Business quickly grew and they relocated out of their home by the spring of 2004. They soon started offering a wide selection of work footwear, safety equipment and accessories for all work settings and by 2009 found a permanent home in the Broome Corporate Park, shipping to customers across the country and around the world.

After a decade as an online retailer, developing expertise in footwear and safety gear, they made the decision to open a local retail center. In June of 2012 the local Gearcor Store became a reality at 805 Valley Plaza Drive in Johnson City. Carol, Pete and the Gearcor Team envisioned a retail location where local consumers get hands-on assistance with the sizing and selection of appropriate work footwear, clothing and accessories from an experienced staff. Gearcor also offers knowledgeable assistance and sells the other safety items employers and individuals need for their specific work environment. What you’ll find when you walk in the store is an incredible variety of products for men and women that are designed to fit the needs of workers from all occupations; work footwear for everything from construction, manufacturing and oil/gas drilling to healthcare professionals. They have safety gear, including high visibility and flame retardant clothing. Even tactical and duty wear for police officers, EMS personnel and fire fighters.