I had a few minutes to sit down with these good ol' boy's for an interview today at the studios! Despite my inept ability to get Skype to operate and Shawn having to bail me out, We had a great chat about where they came from and what they are aspiring to do as they build their music career! We also discussed some dates that they will be performing here locally, so put your eyes on the above video!

Ben's debut single, "Where the Moon Shines", now available for purchase on iTunes!
Ben's Biography
Born and raised at the feet of the Smoky Mountains in the small town of Seymour, Tennessee, Ben Whisler learned that happiness is found through the simple things. For him, this meant duck blinds, rope swings, and bonfires with a guitar in his hands. He grew up surrounded by musical influences of two sides. On one side, the free spirited, loud, and in-your-face sound of classic rock legends fueled his desires to crank a guitar to 11. On the other, the twang of Nashville and old time string melodies pulled him into the sounds of real, homegrown music. Combined together, his songs embody the attitude of American rock & roll expressed through a Southern voice. Now in Music City, Ben has the help of incredible musicians and close friends to share the stage with him and bring his music to life. His musical philosophy is simple: if it’s not fun, if it’s not real, it’s not worth it.


Shawn Hawkins is Ben's guitarist and is a Harpusville native! He just graduated high school, and aside from making me feel old as dirt is now attending Belmont University and pursuing his music career while in Nashville with Ben!