As the oldest of 7 kids, I’ve heard, well six times, that I was getting a new brother or sister. I remember being excited when I got Jeff and Brian but the third time my mom told me she was pregnant, I wanted a sister badly.

I know for sure if my mom had told me she was having a third boy instead of my sister Beth, I would have had a meltdown. Not because I hate my brothers but because I really wanted a sister to do girly stuff with, things my brothers had no interest in.

I get where this kid is coming from. I really do. He’s in full on emotional overload. When I first started watching this video I laughed because it’s a situation any of us with multiple siblings/kids can relate to. But then as the video kept going, the initial humor dissipated. I found myself feeling bad for this kid having a camera shoved in his face and felt as though the parents were trying to draw out more emotion from him for the sake of more views. Check out the video and let me know what you think.