Country star Craig Morgan is no stranger to danger.  Craig is a former Army Ranger, Assistant Deputy Sheriff and trained EMT.  In 2011 he ran into a burning house to rescue two kids, then helped put out the fire and Craig put on his rescuer cap once again on Sunday when three tractor trailers collided.

The accident happened about 30 miles from Chris’s home in Dickson, Tennessee.  Chris was returning from a show in Texas when he came up on an accident involving three tractor trailers.

Craig and two of his crew members jumped off the bus and ran to the scene.  Chris performed CPR on crash victims and then helped extinguish a small fire.

The local sheriff gave Chris props saying: "[Craig] responded and did exactly what he had been taught to do and was a huge help.  This is just another example of the kind of guy he is, he loves doing things for others."

And if you’re concerned about those involved in the accident- they all had only minor injuries.  Whew!

Source: ABC News, The Boot