Every once in a while something happens that puts everything into perspective for us.  My moment came this weekend.

As my niece Sadie wrapped her little hand around my finger and looked at me with wide eyes and a cocked grin, I realized that pure love does exist. Babies don't know any different. They just love. Completely. Sadie doesn't know anything about me. She doesn't know the roads I've traveled. She doesn't know of my accomplishments or failures. And she doesn't need to. She knows love and that's all that really matters. Sadie knows that when she's sad, I'll comfort and sing to her. When she's happy, I'll laugh with her. And when she needs to cuddle, I'll drop everything and hold her close and that's all that she needs to know.

Looking into the face of this sweet angel, I realized that there are some life lessons we can all learn from babies. These are a few of those things:

  • To accept being gushed over without being embarrassed.
  • To trust those who provide the things we need.
  • That when you're hungry, it's time to eat.
  • To smile and to cry when the mood hits and not to suppress our feelings.
  • That napping is bliss.
  • That falls are a part of life. Get up, dust off and try again.
  • That curiosity is a beautiful way to learn.
  • To find joy in the simplest of things.
  • To start each new day with a smile and clean slate.
  • That laughter really is contagious.
  • When to push away. When to say "enough is enough" and not budge.
  • That love and friendship have nothing to do with superficial appearances.