My collection of books is in the thousands and I treasure every one of them.

If someone were to tell me I couldn't read as much as I do, my world would crumble. I've loved books since I was old enough to read and have been known to zip through multiple books in a day.

When I was in elementary school there was a book reading competition and for every book read, we'd get a certificate for a free personal pizza.  I won dozens of free pizzas because of how fast and how many books I read. Nobody ever questioned how much I was reading or tried to stop me because I was reading more than the other kids.  As a matter of fact, my teachers encouraged me to read as much as I wanted. So, hearing about this just makes me sad.

In Hudson Falls, New York, a librarian told a 9-year-old boy that he needed to stop reading so much because he was winning too often during the summer reading club’s annual reading contest.

The librarian, Marie Gandron accused the boy of reading too much and “hogging” the prize in the “Dig into Reading” competition.

Tyler Weaver has won the “Dig into Reading” competition the past five years because he does a whole lot of reading over the summer. This year, Tyler won by reading 63 books in 6 weeks and over the past five years, he’s read 373 books which didn’t make the librarian too happy.

Marie isn’t happy about Tyler’s reading because and she said: “other kids quit because they can’t keep up.”

Marie asked Tyler to “step aside” from the competition because his ambition is too strong for other kids to compete with.

So, so sad.