If your jeans are so filthy that they could stand up and walk by themselves, you might be doing it right.

Chris Bergh is the CEO of Levi's and he says (you ready for this?!?)....you should never wash your denim. Bergh says that by not washing the jeans, you're helping keep them in mint condition and you're also helping out the environment.

Bergh is a jeans maker right? So by saying this, isn't he basically just encouraging people not to buy his product as often? Hmmmm.

Levi's offers up a pretty odd trick that they say will keep your jeans from smelling putrid: freeze them once a month.

I thought this was one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard, but apparently I'll be alone in washing my jeans.

Even celebs like Anderson Cooper buy into the idea of wearing the same pair of jeans every day and only washing them once a year.

I still think that's disgusting. If you go to Kampai for dinner and don't wash your jeans before wearing them again, you're gonna smell like a giant hibachi until you do. That's not exactly sexy.